Department for Refugee Services

Socio-educational Offers

The social-educational offers of the Zentrum ÜBERLEBEN are oriented towards the specific needs of of refugees and migrants. They are often faced with an uncertain residence status and new cultural and societal challenges and are therefor often severely burdened and enter a state of crises.

Our clients receive specific counselling and social-educational group offerings. In our center, they find help to cope with the demands and processes of adapting in the exil-community. They furthermore experience practical support regarding the enforcement of their rights vis-à-vis local authorities.

Focus of the social-educational work are:

  • Social integration
  • Health promotion
  • Prevention of violence
  • Strengthening of transcultural identity at an individual as well as societal level

The social-educational work is a complementary offer to the psychotherapeutic support and professional qualification.



Dr. Gerlinde Aumann
Tel. 030 303906-57

Laura Gärtner
Tel.: 030 30 39 06 -722