10. August 2020

ALMHAR – App for Refugees

Forschung App for Refugees ALMHAR-App ALMHAR is designed for refugees who had to flee from their homes and who are living in exile. Fleeing your home is an incredibly overwhelming, frightening a [...]

23. January 2018


Find help Consultation-hours Therapy and treatment Psychological and psychosocial counseling, legal advice and job qualification Counseling of refugees especially in need of protection Vocati [...]

22. January 2018

Counseling and Group Activities

Information leaflets Counseling and Group Activities Here you can find information leaflets in the area of psychological and psychosocial counseling in German.  Flyer Berufliche und sozial [...]

25. September 2017

Job Qualification

Information leaflets Job qualification Here you can find information leaflets in the area of job qualification measures and education in several languages.   Commercial and technical jobs [...]

11. September 2017


Information leaflets Therapy Here you can find information leaflets in the area of psychological treatment in several languages.  Ambulant Department for Adults Ambulant Department for A [...]

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