Department for Refugee Services

The Department for Refugee Services offers help from psychological and psychosocial counseling, to job qualification measures and education and employment placement.

The staff actively works in networking and lobbying for migrant and refugee rights. Together with other local, regional, national and European parties the Team is strongly committed to improve migrant work and refugee politics.

With our offers we aim to strengthen the individual development of our participants regarding their personal, health, social and political needs, to improve their career chances and to make a contribution toward their social integration.

Our Services

Psychological and psychosocial counseling and support

Job orientation and job qualification courses

Sociocultural Work


For questions in terms of social consultation, job orientation or psychological support please give us a call:
Tel.: +49 (0) 30 30 39 06 -722

Head of Department

Dr. Gerlinde Aumann

Further information

Here you can find more information leaflets in several languages.

Leaflet of the Department for Refugee Services (DE)