Department for Refugee Services

Sociocultural Work

We advocate a tolerant, non-violent coexistence in a society, which has been shaped by socio-structural processes of transition and fast cultural developments.

We understand cultural work as an important part of social integration and are looking for ways to facilitate the possibilities of cultural expressions for our clients. The Department for Refugee Services organises theatre and film projects where refugees, newcomers and young people with migrant background can deal with biographical topics and questions about integration and identity.


Currently, every Wednesday there is a creative workshop for women.


  • Working with different painting techniques (e.g.: screen printing, ink …)
  • Getting to know different materials and colors (watercolors, acrylic, oil)
  • Space for exchange and making new contacts
  • Possibility to express oneself regardless of the language level
  • Be creative and create something!


Laura Gärtner
Tel.: (030) 30 39 06 -722 (Wednesday 10-12:00 am)
or by e-mail:

Zentrum ÜBERLEBEN gGmbH – Department for Refugee Assistance
GSZM House K, Entrance D, 2nd Floor, Room 244
Turmstr. 21, 10559 Berlin


Flyers for the workshops of the Department for Refugee Services can be found here.


  • Mensch aus Glas (Film on Vimeo)
  • Erfahrungen aus Tschetschenien