Housing Project for Female Migrants

Supportive Housing Project for Female Migrants – Therapy and Integration in Everyday Life.

Who comes to us

Refugee women who are older than 18

  • who have been traumatized through experiences of torture / persecution / violence / sexual abuse
  • who, as a result of their experiences, require gender-specific care and treatment
  • whose psycho-emotional problems cannot be solved without professional care
  • who require support services through the help of language translation

Our clients live alone or with families in their own apartments or in refugee shelters. Additionally, we are able to offer four places in our cooperative housing apartments in Berlin-Mitte.

What we offer

Each client is assigned to a case manager / social worker and as needed, a psychotherapist. Services are provided through the support of trained language interpreters. The clients are supported according to their individual needs and thereby begin to slowly regain their autonomy in the context of a safe and secure environment.

Our services include:


The women in our Housing Community are cared for and supported by our multi-professional and multi-cultural team, made up of psychologists and social workers, and further assisted by trained language interpreters, interns and volunteers.


Susanne Höhne
Tel. 030-303906-35

Anzhela Melkomyan
Tel. 030-303906-42


Heads of Department

Susanne Höhne

Anzhela Melkomyan

Further Information

Here you can find more information leaflets in several languages.

Leaflet of the Housing Community Project (DE)

Leaflet of the Housing Community Project (EN)

Leaflet of the Housing Community Project (AR)