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10. August 2020

ALMHAR – App for Refugees

Forschung App for Refugees ALMHAR-App Information in Arabic (PDF) Information in Farsi (PDF) Information in English (below) ALMHAR is designed for refugees who had to flee from their homes and [...]

25. July 2019

Ambulant Department for Adults

Departments Ambulant Department for Adults For those who have experienced torture or violent conflicts or war, life is not the same as before. The memories haunt our patients, sometimes they ca [...]

21. May 2019

Traumatisierungsketten durchbrechen

Projekte Traumatisierungsketten durchbrechen – Handlungsunsicherheiten überwinden – Schutzsysteme stärken This page is under construction. An English version of this page will be published shor [...]

21. May 2019

Das Leben neu aufbauen nach Gewalt und Flucht

Projects Das Leben neu aufbauen nach Gewalt und Flucht This page is under construction. An English version of this page will be published shortly. Im Rahmen des Projekts „Das Leben neu aufbauen [...]

5. March 2019

Vocational School

Department Vocational School Paulo Freire  Our Vocational School Paulo Freire is offering a vocational training in the field of social care. At the vocational school positions for a training pr [...]

6. February 2018

Sociocultural Work

Department for Refugee Services Sociocultural Work We advocate a tolerant, non-violent coexistence in a society, which has been shaped by socio-structural processes of transition and fast cultur [...]

6. February 2018

Job Qualification and Orientation

Department for Refugee Services Job Qualification and Orientation We train people for and place them into occupation and training programs in the commercial and industrial-technical departments. [...]

6. February 2018

Socio-educational Offers

Department for Refugee Services Socio-educational Offers The social-educational offers of the Zentrum ÜBERLEBEN are oriented towards the specific needs of of refugees and migrants. They are ofte [...]

6. February 2018

Psychotherapy and Psychosocial Offers

Department for Refugee Services Psychotherapy and Psychosocial Offers For many years we have been treating and accompanying people from war and conflict zones as well as those, who are, due to p [...]

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