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16. November 2018

Donate and Help

Donate Donate and Help Helping with rehabilitation and integration With your support, you enable us to safeguard our holistic offers including therapeutic treatment, integration as well as voc [...]

26. February 2018


Overview Our work Our Focus Departments Projects The Center supports rehabilitation and integration of refugees and migrants. Our services include outpatient medical and therapeutic treatment [...]

26. February 2018

Umleitung Migrationsdienste

Welcome! You have been forwarded to the Website of Center ÜBERLEBEN. Since 2016 the „Behandlungszentrum für Folteropfer e.V. (including the Zentrum für Flüchtlingshilfen und Migrationsdienste)“ [...]

6. February 2018

Sociocultural Work

Department for Refugee Services Sociocultural Work We advocate a tolerant, non-violent coexistence in a society, which has been shaped by socio-structural processes of transition and fast cultur [...]

6. February 2018

Job Qualification and Orientation

Department for Refugee Services Job Qualification and Orientation We train people for and place them into occupation and training programs in the commercial and industrial-technical departments. [...]

6. February 2018

Socio-educational Offers

Department for Refugee Services Socio-educational Offers The social-educational offers of the Zentrum ÜBERLEBEN are oriented towards the specific needs of of refugees and migrants. They are ofte [...]

6. February 2018

Psychotherapy and Psychosocial Offers

Department for Refugee Services Psychotherapy and Psychosocial Offers For many years we have been treating and accompanying people from war and conflict zones as well as those, who are, due to p [...]

6. February 2018

Langzeitbehandlung der Ambulanz

Research Langzeit­behandlung der Ambulanz This page is under construction. An English version of this page will be published shortly. Wissenschaftliche Begleitung Die Ambulante Abteilung für Erw [...]

6. February 2018

Psychische Folgen bewaffneter Konflikte

Forschung Psychische Folgen bewaffneter Konflikte This page is under construction. An English version of this page will be published shortly. Konsequenzen extremer Traumatisierung Seit mehr als [...]

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