14. November 2017

Garden Based Therapy

Services Garden Based Therapy Many patients at the Center ÜBERLEBEN are not allowed to work in Germany because they have no fixed residency status. These people often come from rural areas where [...]

14. November 2017

Intercultural Communication

Services Intercultural Communication The patients at the Center ÜBERLEBEN come from very different countries and social backgrounds. So that patients are able to communicate, and particularly in [...]

14. November 2017

Creative-, Music- and Movement-Therapies

Services Creative-, Music- and Movement-Therapies Expressing emotions Leaving a mark and creating something: in the art and gestalt therapies, our patients once again experience themselves as au [...]

9. November 2017


Services Psychotherapy Persons who have been persecuted and exposed to torture or violence often suffer greatly from their experiences. At the Center ÜBERLEBEN, we offer psychotherpeutic diagnos [...]

6. September 2017


Services Counseling The Center ÜBERLEBEN offers patients and clients a variety of advisory services. In our Department for Refugee Services migrants and refugees find a comprehensive range of ps [...]

6. September 2017

Social Work

Services Social Work In order to come to terms with traumatic experiences, the psychological condition of an individual is of central importance. Social work care complements the psychotherapeut [...]

30. August 2017

Medical Care

Services Medical Care Persons who have experienced torture and other human rights violations, suffer from psychological and often simultaneous physical afflictions. The most common of these occu [...]

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