10. August 2020

ALMHAR – App for Refugees

Forschung App for Refugees ALMHAR-App ALMHAR is designed for refugees who had to flee from their homes and who are living in exile. Fleeing your home is an incredibly overwhelming, frightening a [...]

6. February 2018

Langzeitbehandlung der Ambulanz

Research Langzeit­behandlung der Ambulanz This page is under construction. An English version of this page will be published shortly. Wissenschaftliche Begleitung Die Ambulante Abteilung für Erw [...]

6. February 2018

Psychische Folgen bewaffneter Konflikte

Research CONSEQUECES OF EXTREME TRAUMATIZATION CONSEQUECES OF EXTREME TRAUMATIZATION For more than 50 years, the armed conflict in Colombia has resulted in severe human rights violations. Despit [...]

6. February 2018


Research Ilajnafsy Internet-based treatment approaches Due to the situation in the Arabic-speaking world and the resulting migration to Europe, there is a lack of mental and medical care for peo [...]

6. February 2018

Uneindeutiger Verlust

Research AMBIGUOUS LOSS AMBIGUOUS LOSS The systematic disappearance of persons in the context of wars and conflicts is a phenomenon occurring in many countries. The fate of the disappeared can o [...]

6. February 2018


Research READINESS TO RECONSILE READINESS TO RECONSILE Human rights violations characterize the image of many countries and regions. More and more war tribunals and reconciliation commissions ar [...]

6. February 2018

Transgenerationale Weitergabe

Research transmission of psychological consequences transmission of psychological consequences of traumatic experiences The transmission of psychological consequences of traumatic experiences to [...]

6. February 2018

Komplexe PTBS und dissoziativer Subtyp

Research COMPLEX PTSD AND DISSOCIATIVE SUBTYP PSYCHODIAGNOSTIC Complex post-traumatic stress disorder (cPTSD) describes a clinical picture that can develop as a result of severe, long-term traum [...]

6. February 2018

Psychische Belastung bei Dolmetschenden

Research PSYCHOLOGICAL STRESS IN INTERPRETERS Study on the mental health of interpreters The study was a nationwide online survey conducted by the Center ÜBERLEBEN in cooperation with the Freie [...]

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